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Original Post:
by: Siren233 on Jul 04, 2017

Hello! Alright so found that when I was just messing around one day that when I would hold my hands palms facing each other and about an inch or so apart and I would concentrate on the space between I would start getting a pressure in the middle of my forehead and a little further into my head. I also found that if I did it long enough the pressure would start to heat up as well. With my hands I would find a resistance between my hands and it would kinda feel like magnets when they push away from each other and after concentrating on the space between my palms would tingle then start going numb. And like my forehead after a long period of time my palms would start to heat up as well. I was able to catch the temperature change in both places with a thermal camera I have. I know it may sound kinda crazy and I hope this makes sense. But I have no idea what is happening so ny info would great. Thank you!