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Original Post:
by: Sozerius1 on Jul 05, 2016

This is my belief, not an official or factual thing... it is based on my life experience and understanding of the world. I also understand if you disagree. The purpose of this thread is to both inspire you and to allow me to share something that I experience. I hope it helps.

Often in life it seems like you are surrounded by turbulence, people, emotions, situations, and uncontrollable things that you can neither change nor ignore. Especially when these things affect you or intrude on your life, it can be easy to lose hope and to doubt yourself. Or worse, to make bad choices during times when you feel overwhelmed by all of it. And often the consequences of being surrounded by the negativity of others, stress, etc, effects you more deeply than you realize. You become drained, because it saps your strength. You become burdened, because it conflicts with your inner self and draws out your weakness. You become depressed because you have exhausted what you have to give.

Relief exists. There is hope. These negative things are all symptoms of being caught up in the negativity of life, of others, and etc. However, these things are not the only, nor the greatest among powers and influences that exist around you. Just look to the spirit of the Earth. It is full of nurturing, mothering, protecting, reinforcing energy. And it is overseen by the mother Goddess, Gaia. Or whatever you want to call her. In the Christian sense you might think of her as the Holy Spirit. She exists everywhere. She is full of love. She is ready, willing, and able, to bring you out of the mire of your spiritual surroundings, and into the warm, energizing embrace of her spirit. All you need to do is learn to lean on her.

Focus your attention onto the ground beneath you. Not just the rock and dirt itself. But the life that exists all within it. The plants, the animals, the bugs, the magnetic force, the spirits, and that which comes from all of us... the life force of all living things - it circulates around and within the earth. All of this, is the dominion of the earth, and of the mother Goddess. Open your mind to its flow, focus on the waves of warmth which exist within the earth itself. Meditate, do not fret if it does not come easily, simply relax and be satisfied that you have tried, each time. Once you make a connection, once you start to recognize her energy for what it is, you will find it becomes very easy, simple, and quick to make a connection with her. You become connected to something greater than yourself alone. Focus on the feeling of being connected to the warmth within the earth, just underneath you, and to her. You will feel this connection grow the more you focus on it.

"Stay true to yourself." This is a message that I have received from Gaia, when trying to work with her. It should encapsulate, in a single and simple message, what she is about. Be you. Love yourself. Be true. When you connect with her, she will accept your truth, and she will empower and reinforce it against the overwhelming negativity in the world. You need to make the first connection, because it is your choice. But do so and find yourself renewed, empowered, protected, and ready to move forward.