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Original Post:
by: Ioakeim on May 02, 2016

Now this is a subject I completely Do Not understand. We may meet this in Deities description, Spirit Animals description etc. This question is most for Spirit Animals part, but it could be seen from other points of view too.

We have seen many times "this spirit animal/guide/Deity etc, represents feminine energy..." being mentioned. It's like they connect a Spirit Animal or something else to "feminine energy".. The thing I don't understand is, from when energy has started to have "femimine" and "male" form and such? Energies are supposed not to have genders; genders are just the appearence of a living organism. Or, could it be connected from the human mind that feminine energy deals with Witchcraft...while male energy with other stuff?

For instance, a Spirit Animal represents wisdom...they may say that this Spirit Animal is of feminine energy and so on. And that's Exactly what I don't get, what does this feminine energy means???