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Original Post:
by: ToriD on Oct 26, 2015

was wondering if someone could help me find the meaning of this dream.

I was in a dark, palace type of place. Long corridors were everywhere. The walls were filled with doors and on the other side of them were dead bodies but looked as if they were only sleeping in long neat rows. Back outside they were lines of people waiting. Then a strange voice would call them by name taking small groups into each room. Strange men in hoods would follow into the rooms, one for each room. I saw as these men killed the groups of people and the people didn't move, didn't hesitate, as if the wanted to die. When they came out there hoods were down, they looked like regular men one of which I knew (from other dreams earlier dreams). Then my name was called and I went with a group of people into a room. Everyone else was killed in front of me, and yet I still did not move. Then when it was my turn I stopped him, saying that if I was going to die I wanted to be killed by the man I knew. He agreed and sent for him, leaving me alone in the room. After a few minutes the man I knew came into the room, alone. He walked around me a few times, looking up and down my body. I just looked to the floor. He then stopped in front of me and lifted my chin, he looked into my eyes and asked me if I was afraid to die, if I was afraid of death, I told him no. He then walked behind me and told me to close my eyes. Then he pulled out two gold long two prong dagger like weapons, and drove them into my shoulders and I could feel one prong going down my arm as the other went down my side so I couldn't move. I couldn't move, couldn't talk. The man came in closer and at first bit softly on my neck then hard (somewhat like a vampire bite, but instead of sucking he let some venom loose into me.). When he was done though most people would have died right after that, but I didn't. He took out his weapons and left the room. I could hear him whispering with someone on the other side of the door,but couldn't make out what they were saying. When he came back in he grabbed my arm and pulled me out. We went through a big doorway, more of an archway but with doors. (if that makes sense)(Next to the door before we went in was a woman at a black desk working on some scrolls doing who knows what, I think listing the names of the people to die or something) to a sort of a throne room where this big, man was sitting in a chair at the top of the stairs that led to his throne. He was 20 feet tall, red, with horns that curled, he had a tail. He was only wearing like black business trousers, his shirt on the back of the black throne. (There was also another girl inside who was like fanning the big guy and was like a servant. The whole time I was in the room she was giving me an evil glare. Don't know if that is relevant or not.) I did not fear him but sort of felt safe and felt like I belong. He did not speak but just stared at me, the man who I knew told him that I did not die. Then the two started talking in some kind of foreign language, I could understand some of it but not the most of it. Then the man I knew said that I was this guy's daughter.

It fast forward a little and I was married to the guy who tried to kill me (Who is in most of my dreams). Both because the red guy said too and the fact that I loved him for real. Then before I woke up the man I married and I wee expecting a child. (This has nothing to do with the dream but the guy I married is in a lot of my dreams, especially in all the dreams where I can actually feel something, like really feel something like the warm breath on my skin or the cool breeze flowing through my hair someone touching me and I can actually feel their hand, the fingers, everything. not just a normal dream where you are just like watching and don't really feel anything.)

Some stuff about the place I was in. The corridor, palace type thing at the beginning was made out of stone and dark. The walls were lined with dimly lit torches and it was so cold that I could see my breath.. The room full of the two rows of dead people was all black and a little warmer for some reason. Then the throne room was still dark but it was warm.

That's the end of my strange dream that I can't make any sense of. It keeps running through my head. I can still see their faces, hear their voices. As if it were a memory., a memory that I keep having again and again. I can also feel everything like it wasn't a dream but it was actually me. I could feel the cold floor on my feet, the prongs going into my body, then the warmth of the throne room. So if someone can help me make sense of this strange dream maybe then I will be able to figure out what it has to do with me. It will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.