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Original Post:
by: BreathOfLife on Feb 27, 2015

At lunch today I was practicing with psi balls-- just creating them and getting a feel for them, really-- when the (particularly dense) psi ball I was working with seemed to receive some sort of burst of energy, because it suddenly pushed against my hands with impressive force and grew to a much larger size than I've ever managed, without losing its density. I'd just finished a conversation with my friend (she was messing with my previous psi ball, passing her hand through it and all that), which included a game we play that involves sharing mental images, so assuming it was her I asked her to do whatever she had done again. Sure enough, I felt the psi ball swell with energy, and then return to it's original size once she stopped. Just to make sure I wasn't imagining it, I had her do it again while I closed my eyes, so that seeing her concentrate on my hands wasn't having some sort of placebo effect. The psi ball still reacted just as strongly. The thing is, though, she isn't a witch-- I don't know if she even belives in it -- and she doesn't know I am one. She's never to my knowledge used a psi ball, either, so she wouldn't know how to use or make one. My question is, is it possible that she may have some sort of natural talent? If so, should I tell her so?