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Original Post:
by: Kirnapia on May 20, 2014

Hello! I have been reading about spells and magick for couple years now and have been practicing my first spell "psi ball" for long time now(Still not really feeling it, I feel only some tickle).I am not kinda a guy who wants to spend money to books about magick or to some tools :( that's why i want help from your great forums :).Basicly, I would like someone to point me to some good free online documents/.pdf books and maybe some spells too!

P.S:If someone got time, i would like to know why I can't still feel my psi ball so well, I feel a little tickle and I imagine red(fire) energy flowing from my groundings through my legs to hands and I imagine a "door" opening on my hand and releasing energy and shape a red fire psi ball on my hand.
P.SS:I am not concentrating often, should I?