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Original Post:
by: bushidocrow on Oct 16, 2013

Hello. I just joined this site recently because I have a suspicion that one of my best friend's companion(of a sort)is hiding something. She and I are not particularly special. The spirit is a spirit, and has very little to no influence on our world. With all of that aside, I need to give description.
She and I both think that he is a demon. She is convinced that he is somehow a good demon.
This is a story that started in her early childhood. She was a fearful child. She was easily spooked, and was terrified of the dark, and at age 16 has not gotten over this fear. She was being helped get over it, but it started taking too long. Her father, with good intention, slammed the door, closed the blinds, and removed any possible source of light. She hid under her covers every night. She had no friends at all, and was very lonely. One night, a glowing red fox climbed on top of her, and she felt immediate comfort. It continued to visit her in her worst moments, including the arguments prior to her parents' divorce, and her experiences with bullying.
In the third grade, she met friends, and left the fox behind, because she was finally happy. She dealt with her first heartbreak with her first crush about a year ago. They both loved each other, or at least though they did, but never told each other. The guy moved far away, never to come back. That is when the fox came back. I had known her for over 2 years by this point, and was trying to suppress old feelings I had for her, as I comforted her. The two developed mutual romantic interest. The story is important because it provides clues as to what it could be, and what its purpose is.
He appears in three different "forms", as we call them. First is a normal red fox, with a trail of smoke instead of a tail. Second is terrifying. It has big sharp teeth, a somewhat psychotic, insane, mischievous grin, streaks of black lining his chest, seven tails of smoke, and extremely long, sharp claws. In this form, he walks on two feet and is hunched over quite often. His third form is a shadow of the second. He moves extremely quickly in this form. He acts like an incubus, but does not seem to be a leach of any sort. He is extremely skilled with fire manipulation. He likes to scare and harm smaller and weaker beings. I want to just get rid of it, but I don't want to hurt her unstable emotional state if it isn't necessary. Please, somebody out there tell me. If you know anything at all, or even have guesses, please do not hesitate to give any and all information you can. Anything is appreciated. Thank you.