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Original Post:
by: User201703 on Jan 12, 2013

Working with the elements means working with the elements of Earth, Air, Water, and Fire. Depending on beliefs/paths, there is a fifth element called 'Akasha' or 'Spirit'. This post will help you with your beginning of working with the elements, how to find your element, if there is any other elements, and if there are tools that are associated with the elements.

Phase one: How to find your element.
There are two ways you can find you element. One is by matching it with your astrological sign and the second way is to meditate. To find your element by matching it with your astrological sign, just do a quick search online. I am a Taurus, so my astrological element (what I call it) would be Earth. The problem with doing this is that you may not feel connected with your astrological element. To find your element by the means of meditation, just call out to your element, ask it to come to you. You may see signs of your element coming to you, like your body feeling heavy for Earth or your body feeling hotter then ususal for fire.

Sub Topic: Connection With Your Element.
In order to work with the elements, you must be connected to not only yours but the others as well. To do this, meditate with one element every day. Start with yours, then do another element tomorrow. Do this until you feel you are connected to them all. In special cases, you may even already be connected to all of the elements. If you are already connected to all of the elements, make sure that connection does not fade away.

Phase Two: Are There Any Other Elements?
Sure there are. If you are like me, I consider light, darkness, lightning, and many more in that nature to be elements. I even consider nature itself to be an element. Take into consideration the Chinese Elements as well (Wu Xing). They have Wood(Mu), Fire(Huo), Earth(Tu), Metal(Jin), and Water Shui). Notice Wood, and Metal. Japanese Philosophy has the elements as Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Void. So you see, both Japanese and Chinese elements have at least one different element unheard of. Note that more beliefs will have different elements.

(Chinese/Japanese elements information found from: and

Phase Three: Tools Related to the Elements.
We will begin with ritual based tools for the elements. For Earth, we have the Pentacle/Pentagram, soil, or sea salt. For Air, the Athame, Wand, or Staff is used. Incense may also be used for Air. For Fire, the traditional Candle may be used. For Water, you may use a Chalice, a fancy word for a cup. This is only to be used for ritual work. For Spirit, the Altar itself is the way to go as it will be the center of your circle. A white candle can also be put in the center for Spirit.

Sub Topic: Color Coded Candles For the Elements.
Candles you can use for the elements is Green for Earth, Yellow for Air, Red for Fire, Dark Blue for Water and White for Spirit.

Final Phase: Working With the Elements.
At last we have come to working with the Elements! It is not hard and it is not easy. There are many ways you can work with your element are all of the elements. When you are circle casting, you are working with the elements, invoking them to aid you. You may call on an element to protect you. You may call on an element to bless an object, banish something, or even bind something. All you need do is call on your element and ask (ask, do not force) to help with what you need. You can work with the elements in many ways.

I hope this was able to help you.