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Original Post:
by: Skysflame on Apr 01, 2020

**Please before reading, I'm not talking about physically shifting.**

I've always craved the feeling of freedom. When I first got into witchcraft, I generally believed in the impossible would happen. I wrote spells and casted them. I wanted to feel the amazing feeling of the wind in my hair and be able to spread a pair of large physical wings to soar through the sky. After many years of realizing it wont happen, I got discouraged.

About three months or around there ago, I noticed a very warm energy feeling around my shoulder blades. I brushed it off thinking that it was only my energy work playing with me. A close friend of mine, who can see auras and spirits said that they could see bird like wings that where unfolded. I looked up some things about being able to shift spiritually and be able to feel it but you can't physically feel it or see it.

I call them "Energy wings"as they only appear when I'm in a positive mood, outside on a windy day, outside on a peaceful night, or when I did my life's work.

Is anyone else familiar with it?