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Original Post:
by: azeral15 on Dec 11, 2013

Hello, ive been working on astral projecting for several months now. Im am very close but cant exactly leave my body. I can get really numb feeling and relaxed, then start to feel vibrations but then i tense up and its distracting. In an experience where i was at the very closest to astral projection,(which was where i woke up in sleep paralysis, normally i do it from a waking state though) i felt like there was lightining in my body- which is like how i get in my waking sessions but waking sessions are alot less intense, and there was a electronic hum.
Now i use isochronic beats. A more intense version of binarual and it works incredibly well. I can get to pretty relaxed and into a trans- like state and get vibrations, but i ant leave my body, even when i intensify the vibrations. How doni leave?
Also, i wanted to know any spells, or rituals i could do (and i would prefer very intriquite ones, because in my subconscious the more complicated the better in terms of magic)

Thanks for any help in advance c: