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Original Post:
by: Mz.Kalamity on Jan 10, 2016

So I've been around the site for a while now and have recently been promoted to priest(ess) of the Dark and Light coven. We have been undergoing a period of renovation(and home improvement. There is new paint on the walls. Paint, paint everywhere) and I am proud to announce that the wait is over! We are once again opening up our coven to new membership in the hopes to grow our family.

We offer a sanctuary environment where we can be mature enough to offer an atmoshere that can be free of judgment, so that we may learn from new perspectives and practices, but also one that offers fun and activity for those also seeking a community.

(Tl;Dr us two chicks who can't brain anymore at one in the morning when we are trying to words all over the forums and reintroduce our coven to the world want you to know that it's now open and full of fun stuff but serious things too and seriously all of the shenanigans forever)

Joining is simple, all you need to do is go to our coven page

And click apply. Alfadottir and I will then contact you and we will begin the process. (So yeah. All the things)