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Original Post:
by: H2OfanRikki on Nov 02, 2015

This is probably an age old problem, but I just wanted to query it.

As of this summer, I attempted to revive one of the covens on the site in which all of the members and leaders were inactive. I applied to become a leader of said coven and received no reply. I know that this means that I was not accepted but it is incredibly infuriating to still find this coven empty, with no leaders or members and not knowing why I was never accepted to lead it.

The system in place also means that anyone turned down to be a leader is never allowed to attempt it again, even if many many years have passed.

I honestly think that this needs altering, I would love to have known what I was missing in order to become a leader of a coven, with time, an ever expanding knowledge base and the interest to become a welcoming leader of a hopefully welcoming coven that is still empty, I would have hoped to be able to complete the task yet I was not given any information as to why I was turned down.

I just felt that I needed to point out this flaw in the system, with no feedback, how can anyone improve.