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Original Post:
by: User354750 on Jan 25, 2015


All of the amulets I offer are real and authentic prepared according to your needs.

The amulets are personalized. This mean that I will need your full name and birth date, as well as of the other person involved /if any/ in order to make them.

Usually the amulets start working within 1-2 months, so please be patient. Good things take time.

For this period you have to carry your amulet always with you somewhere close to the area of your heart.

You will receive the amulet wrapped in a piece of cloth , this is to protect is from a dirt or moisture.

When you receive it, you don?t have to do anything with it in order to activate it, just to carry it with you as longer as possible.


I know that you might be curious to know what? inside, but opening the package will destroy the amulet. To satisfy your curiosity: the amulet is a piece of paper or a parchment with an old scrip written on it and a magic square containing your personal data. The amulet then has been charged or energized in order to be effective.

As you can see from the listings I also offer Extremely powerful amulets.

The difference between these Extremely powerful amulets and the standard ones is that a significantly more complex riuals are involved in the preparation of the extremely powerful amulets.

You will receive a tiny package that will contain again a piece of parchment and another small object according to the specific customer case. As these amulets are more powerful the results are commonly visible sooner compared to the standard ones. Usually within 2 to 3 weeks. Unfortunately these amulets are not applicable in all of the cases. Let me explain:

Example 1: You are looking for your dreamed job. But you don?t have a specific company in mind, neither you know the person in charge of the company or his/her name or birth date. In this case, the best I can recommend is the Standard job amulet.

Example 2: You want a better job. Maybe a position within the organization you are currently hired by. So you personally know the one that your promotion depends on. In this case you know the name of that person and probably his/her birth date.

In this case I can recommend the Powerful amulet and thus you will be able to rely on quicker results.

As you can see in order to take advantage of the Powerful amulets you have to tie your intentions to a specific person you know.

In all other cases you can use the Standard amulets.

I?m sending the amulets by the post, carefully packed in the bubble padded envelopes and the parcel is marked as fragile.

I can not think of a better gift for a friend who is lonely, seeking his other half, miserable, depressed or jobless then the amulets I offer. Chances are you will change his/her life forever????