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Original Post:
by: jaysam on Jul 30, 2014

Allison Eaton is an international teacher of Reiki, yoga and meditation. She teaches Reiki Certification Trainings and 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher Trainings. Allison is the author of the Reiki Flow Manuals and the Yandara Yoga Asana Manual. She is a kirtan musician and is featured in the guided meditation cd, ?Sat Nam.?

Recent Student Testimonials:

?Words are insufficient to explain the wonderful experiences encountered during the Reiki Level III/Master Course. Not only did the course provide the ?technical? advancement requirements in our Reiki journey, it provided so much more ? it exemplified the Reiki foundations of true love, spirituality and personal growth, much more than expected. It is an honor to be a student, and now a friend of Allison ? a Reiki Master Teacher who inspires by example ? a patient, caring and loving light being. Her sharing and humor will stay with us on the journey.?? Steven Ibbotson, Brisbane, Australia.