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Original Post:
by: NimbleAsian on Feb 13, 2012

I've already looked up the FAQs and it says that you are ranked by any contribution such as spells, forum posts, or how you behave in a chat room. I've been on here since around December, so I haven't been here too long.

I wanted to know how people can rank you on here? I've looked at different profiles to see that maybe there is one a profile, but I can't find one.

I only ask because I would like to gain a reputation. I will admit, I do not do spells yet. I personally feel that I need a lot of knowledge to do so, but I would consider myself a beginner or novice only because I am practicing meditation, crystals, and pendelums. I'm still a little 50/50 on my tarot cards, but hey... Practice makes perfect.