Fire Spells

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Spell Index => Weather Spells => Fire Spells

Included as part of the weather spells, fire spell control the spread and effects of fire.

By channeling the power of thunder strikes fire may be controlled in various ways. These fire spells will, therefore, only work while a thunderstorm is happening.

If the storm was created by magic cast by someone either then the caster of the fire spell, the fire spell may have negative effects.

More Free Fire Spells

Magic Flame
Spell to Control a Flame
The Dancing Flame technique:
Warmth Spell
Fire Starter
*Summon a Fire Wolf*
A portal to underworld
A simple heating spell
Acoda's Easy Lighting Spell
Ancient Fire Spells
Anicent Fire Magick
Ash's of the Flame
Banishment Spell
Basic fire minipulation
Become a fire elf (english)
Blinding light
Body warmming
Building Ablaze
Burn That God Forsaken Place
Burning Anger In The Butt:
Burning Touch
Calling the heat
Candle Magic
Cast A Fire Ball
Cold Fire
Control Fire
Cooling and Heating Drinks
Creating a basic fireball:
Dancing Flame Spell
Death upon a Person
Draconian Transformation
Dragon Illusion Spell
Durendal's Warmth Spell
Elemental Amulet: Fire
Energy warmth technique/spell
Fiery freedom spell
Find Your Element
Fire Ball
Fire Ball
Fire Ball Spell
Fire Blast
Fire Circle
Fire Claw
Fire Control
Fire Control
Fire Control
Fire Enchanting
Fire Guardian
Fire in Water
Fire Minimal Control
Fire Pretection
Fire scourcer
Fire Scrying
Fire Spell
Fire Spell
Fire Spell
Fire Touch
Fire Wings
Fireproof Potion
Flame Blaze
Flame Spell
Flame Typhoon
Flames of Victory charm
Flames Within
Go to the nightosphere
Heat Spell
How to make a wand
Inner Fire
Ki Heat (Really Easy)
Light Spell
Lower your Body Temperature
Make a fire.
Make fire on sight
Make it hotter
Make something hot
No ingredients fire Spell
Old Basic Garazuien Fire spell
Protection of Fire
Put a Fire Out
Pyrokinesis 2
Shield of fire
Simple Sun Spell
Small Flame (Pyrokinesis)
Speed Spell (Fire)
Spell to create fire/heat.
Summon a Fire Golem
Superior Fire Spell
Talking with your pheonix
The Ability Over Fire
The Phoenix Tear
The ultimate defense
To control the element, Fire
To Extinguish Fire
To Keep Warm
To make Bad Luck go away
Twin Dragons
Warm House Spell
Warmth Spell
Wings of....
Wotan's Fire Magic
To obtain love from a specific person
A wish spell *tested and works*
Superior Fire Spell (Easy, used for protection and Attack
burst of the storm(Only for experinced elemental mages)
How To Control The Four Elements
Move a (small) flame (telekanesis)
Out With The Old, In With The New
Prophetic Visions - Truth Spell
Protection Spell using the Power of the Sun
Pyrokinesis(tecniques not actual spell)
Reversed Flame of Wotan's Fire Magic
Switch between human form and dragon form
spell for poetic inspiration
a simple nightmare spell
basic fire spell
body wormer
breathe fire spell
contact a phoenix
easy herb spell for anything
fire and ice blast
fire ball
fire blast
fire creation *untested!!!!*
fire fingers
flameing arrows (sagitarius)
ice spell
merlin the wizard fire blast
summon flame snake
want it
wild fire
control elements spell and potion (mikkah325)
turn candle fire off with your hands
KK10 2
Spirit Sight
The Never Ending Flame
What Witchcraft Really Is
Flame Sword
A Fire Protection Spell
A Purification
Abosolute Zero Claw
Ancient Blaze
Angel Spell
Ark Light
Banish demon to the underworld
Basic Fire Ball
Be friends no more spell
Bending Flame
Blazing Seal
Blue Flame
Boiling Water Spell
Burn a Building to the Ground
Burning Anger In The Butt
Burning Insence Power Spell
Call of the Fire Bats
Candle Divination
Candle Protection Spell
Cause and Elemental Fire
contral element of FIRE
Control Fire
Create Fire Wolf
Creating Fire Elementals
Death Spell
Doing Pyrokinesis
Dragon Breath
Dragon's Breath
Element Summon
Elemental Powers
Explosion Breath
Find Element
Fire amulet of Protection
Fire Ball
Fire ball chant
Fire Binding Spell
Fire bound pretection
Fire Circle
Fire claws
Fire Control
Fire Control
Fire Element Affinity
Fire Guardian
Fire Healing Spell
Fire Manipulation
Fire Path
Fire Protection
Fire Scrying
Fire socoucer updated
Fire Spell
Fire Spell
Fire Storm
Fire Wall Spell
Fireproof Potion
Flame Attratcter
Flame of guilt
Flame Throw
Flameball Shooting
Flames of darkness
Flames Within
From Earth to Fire
How to make a Fire
How to make Spells
Inner fire Power
KK 10's Spell
Lazy Bum Arsonists
Loki's Fire
Make a dragon fireball
Make Fire By Thought Alone
Make Hot Sauce Hotter
Make it Summer
Making Red Cross Fire
Obtain Love
Pheonix Flame
Protection Stone
Put out a fire
See Energy
Simple fire spell
Sparks fly
Spell to Control Fire
Strength with Fire Control
Sunny Spell
Talking out the fire
Television Magick
The Dragon of the Flames
The Sun Spell
Thunder of Ares
To Create the Illusion of Fire
To Heat Another
To link with fire for energy
To obtain love
Various Candle Spells
Warm Me Up
Watch my Back Prayer
Wish Spell
3 Spells in one (Breathe Series)
Warming/Cooling/Pressure Spell for others only
Out With The Old, In With The New
a spell to make Bad Luck go away...
Dracokinesis Initiationis Per Ignem
How to shoot fire ice or water out of fingers or hand
Obtain Love From a Specific Person.
Out with the Old, In with the New
Protection Incantation Using the Powers Of Fire
Pyrokinesis (not really instant)
Raising temperature of an area,Fire Blast,Fireball,Fire Blade, Fire Fuse,Fire Shield,Dragon Blast
Ritual for the Execution of Desire with 40 Candles
The Secert to Fire Manipulation
meditational fire
basic fire spell
becoming a black wizard
breath fire
burn off fat
death to all enemys
energy recharge by heat
fire ball
fire balls
fire conjuring
fire dragon
flame gate unlock spell
how to make a fire
make urself warmer
merlins fire blast
the fire chaos
weapon charging
will of fire spell
look at the bottom of the screeen


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