Warming/Cooling/Pressure Spell for others only

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • ~Hand
  • ~Voice

This is my first spell posted... My friend taught me this spell.I didn't hear her correctly so i started saying the wrong thing but it actually worked better for me the way I heard it. I made up the cooling spell part but it actually works.I've tried it.I someone times use this spell to creepy people out lolz :D... Enjoy!

Casting Instructions for 'Warming/Cooling/Pressure Spell for others only'

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First,have their hand out so that their palm of their hand is facing upward.
Second,Draw a pentagram with your finger if you're doing the warming spell.
Draw an upside down pentagram with your finger if you're trying to make them cold
The pressure spell can be at random! you can be doing a warming but the person says they feel pressure even for the cooling one!
Third, Put your hand over there hand so that your back hand is facing upward and little roof on their hand.Make sure there is a little opening which you can speak thru and some space in between the hands so the words will go inside.
If you're trying to warm them say this into the opening in between the hands
"Candle Light,
My Soul is Bright"
If you're trying to cool them down say this,
"Candle Blown,
My Soul is Cold"
After that ask them do you feel warm cold or pressure and see you're results...
Don't get upset if they say i feel nothing just turn the hand's angles or even try the other hand.It works on most people and it's very rare if they don't feel anything if you've tried all angles on both of their hands
This spell can depend on what type of magick you cast or use.It also depends on which effects it will have on the person you're casting it on, like if you deal with water or hydrokinesis you will probably make them cold when casting the warming part and if you deal with fire or pyrokinesis
when you trying the cooling part you'll might make them warm.They might feel pressure sometimes but it is rare that it will happen.


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