Create Fire Wolf

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • pen/pencil
  • colouring pencils
  • box
  • key
  • an open mind
  • voice

This has not yet been tested only made it up now and had just tried.

Casting Instructions for 'Create Fire Wolf'

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1. get a box and place both hands on it a say this (latin)
audi nunc orationem meam ego autem te ignis est pulvinar ut lupus continere ignis x3

then say

O ignis lupus amicum optimum futurum, respicit. et eritis mihi in filium: et suscitabo tibi periculum prohibere x2

2. Draw a pentacle on paper or print one the on another piece of paper write things like name,age,breed,gender,flame (etc)

3. then draw your wolf and color it in

4. get a key and hold it in your hand saying

vita habeo clavem amet sit amet mi vitae lupus ignis x2

5. place the box outside where you like to be (backgarden etc)
(keep it hidden from others

6 keep the key with you at all times until the 3rd day and you still haven't found them then place your key infront of your box so it can find you

if it doesent come until the 6th day then you may not bileve or your just not ready for it yet but keep trying your wolf will come when its ready

if you have any questions mail me
if it worked please mail me x


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