Thunder of Ares

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A voice
  • Red ceremonial dye
  • A sacrifice
  • A torch
  • Incense

This spell invokes the power of the Greek war god Ares to summon a powerful and destructive bolt of energy down onto your foes.

Casting Instructions for 'Thunder of Ares'

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Ares, or Mars, is a powerful Archaic and the Greek/Roman God of War. This spell is an invocation to Ares that will, if performed properly, rain down the god's wrath and annihilate your enemies. This spell has a maximum range of about 3 miles and takes affect almost instantly.

Form around you on the ground a masculitity symbol in the red ink, with the circle surrounding you and the arrow pointing towards your target.

Ceremonially burn the sacrifice, preferably some sort of weapon, armor, magic artifact or food. Burn the incense along with the offering, then make the following incantation.

???????????????????? ???????? ?????? ??????????????, ???????? ?????? ?????? ????????????????????, ???? ?????????????????????????? ?????????????????? ?????? ?????????? ?????? ?????? ?????????????????????????? ????????????. ?????????? ?????? Wrath ?????????????? ?????????????? ?????????????????????????? ?????? ?????????????? ???? ?????????????????????????? ?????? ???????????????? ?????? ????????????????.

(O Ares, mighty god of war, chaos and destruction, I summon forth from thee all thy destructive power. Rain thy wrath upon mine foes and wreak the carnage that is thy birthright.)

If you performed the incantation properly and your offering has been accepted, a single, powerful bolt of red lightning should blast down from the sky onto your intended target.

Note: this spell/ritual works better when treated with respect. Make sure your offering is worthy. Also, for me, better results were achieved when I wore red ceremonial robes for the spell's casting.


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