Control Fire

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Belief
  • Time
  • Concentration

How to control fire and breathe life into your hidden power.

Casting Instructions for 'Control Fire'

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Step 1: Calming place
Your bed, a chair, by a lake, etc. Any place in which you can feel at peace while either standing or sitting.

Step 2: Beginning
Close you eyes and enhale through your nose while exhaling through your mouth. Get yourself to a relaxed state before continuing.

Step 3: Visualising
Start to visual your inner body *chest*. Everyone has a spark of fire whether it is their element or not. Some burn brighter while others barely burn at all. Visualise the one inside yourself. Feel as it burns more while you breathe in visualize how it slowly goes down as you breath out.

Step 4: Visualising part 2
After you can easily do the first part now you take it a step further. Visualize the connections that intertwine all through your inner body that extend to every part. The Spark of fire is the heart in a sense it slowly gives energy to all parts equally. Visualize the energy being drawn and distributed along every strand

Step 5: Fire
Now after you can visualize everything it is time to control the fire. Visualize the energy flowing solely to your dominant hand disrupting the balance forcing it to explode into one area. Concentrate and continue visualizing it. Feel the heat within your hand slowly rise. Visualize the fire coming into being in the air slightly above your palm. It will start small but continue larger upon more work.

These 5 steps will guarantee the control of 5. For 3 days devote time to this and you will reap the rewards you are owed.


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