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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Fire

A 'Pyrokinesis: How To' tutorial.

Casting Instructions for 'Pyrokinesis'

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Pyrokinesis is just one of the many forms of magic, one that lets you (if you do it well) control a bit of an element. With Pyrokinesis, it's fire. By trying to manipulate the flame, you tell the Universe, whom is always listening to you and trying to do your bidding, "I want this flame to do ...". If you have faith, and mostly keep practicing, you'll get at a point you'll bend that flame as easily as walking out your front door.
Now I know it sounds hard, because I went to this process too once, and at first you'll think: "Why doesn't it work, it's all fake!", and that sort of stuff. If you act like that, how big's the chance the Universe'll say: "Let's teach him Pyrokinesis today!" You can guess...

So, how to do it;

- Light a candle, or other flammable material (not your house).

- Sit in front of it, in a comfortable position.

- Stare into the flame, but not too concentrated, as that won't work.
Your mind will automatically fit to the flame's level.

- Just think, or visualise, or whatever works best for you, that the
flame listens to you and does as you say. Keep this thought!

- Just do this, few times a day, and keep it up!

- I reccomend practicing like this:

- Grow/Shrink Flame (5 minutes)
- Push/Pull Flame (5 minutes)
- Shape Flame (5 minutes) This might be very hard, so practice
first! Shaping is just make a leaf out of a flame, and that
kind of stuff.
- Extinguish Flame. Might be hard too.

- If you've got it all under control:
- Try Bigger Flames (Same program)

Good luck in your education. If you've got any questions, mail me.

Be Blessed


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