Magic Flame

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • (X) paper (need at least one)
  • (X) thing(s) to draw with
  • (X) voice (more voices better result)

it makes a well it makes a flame that attacks your foes, note that this is a risky spell it could burn you like any normal fire!

Casting Instructions for 'Magic Flame'

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draw Jera under Mannaz on paper(s) (you can fined jera and mannaz in my photos) and place them around the area you want the spell to be in. (note: if the paper(s) are destroyed the spell will stop.) after this use your knowledge of fire spells (if any) to build a basic flame to your hand. then chant

"The king of the world of fire and the weather god Freyr both die after battling each other. The deer antler carried by Freyr could not be removed by the followers of the king! The masses who cannot match the king even as a group can only accept defeat!! Let the subjugation of the strict scales fill you with the order of my temple!!"

(to command the flame call it Freyr)
if you loose control you MUST chant this

"The color is yellow, the shape is a dagger. With the action of defense and the symbol of flow and change, one of the five great internal symbols of my temple shall be contained in my hand!!"

the flame will be shot into your hand you can get burned in the posses of this spell.

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