Elements Meaning: Fire

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Element of fire.

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Fire Fire is both creative and destructive, its qualities are Brightness, Thinness and Motion and its mode is Active. It is fire that we and our ancestors used to warm our homes, we use it to cook our food, we sit around it to ward of the darkness of night, and it fuels our passions. Fire, unlike the other elements, does not exist in a natural state. Its physical form can only take place by consuming some other element. Fire is the transformer, converting the energy of other objects into other forms: heat, light, ash, and smoke.

To feel the manifestations of this power, go out on sunny day and feel the warmth and light of the Sun, hear the crackling of logs and smell of smoke from a burning fire. As you gaze into the transformational flame of a candle, immerse yourself in the energy of Fire. Fire is the natural element of animals and mankind, and they have, in their natures, a most fiery force, and also spring from celestial sources.

In order to gain benefit from the energy of this element, we need to control Fires destructive aspect. When we light a candle, we are not only calling upon the energy of Fire, we are also limiting its power. This destructive aspect should not be seen as negative, forest fires, actually help, clearing away underbrush and encouraging seeds lying dormant within the Earth to burst forth into new life.

Fire is a masculine element, its aspects being change, passion, creativity, motivation, will power, drive and sensuality. It is sexuality, both physical and spiritual. Fire is used in spells, rituals and candle magic for healing, purification, sex, breaking bad habits or destroying illness and disease. Fire is the element of authority and leadership.

The properties of Fire, Heat, Making things fruitful, Celestial light, Giving Life to all things. Its opposite the Infernal Fire are a parching heat, consuming all things and darkness, making all things barren.

The Element Fire and its Natural Qualities The Element of Fire is a light, active element and is contrary to Water. It is associated with the qualities of brightness, thinness and motion.


  • DIRECTION: South - the place of heat.
  • TYPE OF ENERGY: Projective.
  • BASIC NATURE: Purifying, destructive, cleansing, energetic, sexual, forceful. Heat is a manifestation of this element.
  • COLOUR: Red - from the colour of flames.
  • PLACES: Deserts, hot springs, volcanoes, ovens, fireplaces, bedrooms (for sex), weight rooms, locker rooms, saunas, athletic fields.
  • RITUALS: Protection, courage, sex, energy, strength, authority, banishing negativity.
  • RITUAL FORMS: Burning or smouldering; heating.
  • HERBS: Stinging, thorny or hot, as thistles, chilli peppers and bouganvillia; desert-dwelling, as cacti; stimulating, as coffee beans; generally seeds.
  • STONES: Red or fiery, as in jasper; volcanic, as in lava; clear, as in quartz crystal.
  • MUSICAL INSTRUMENT: Guitar, all stringed instruments.
  • CREATURES: Snake, cricket, lizard, praying mantis, ladybug, bee, scorpion, shark.
  • SEASON: Summer - the time of heat.
  • TIME: Noon.
  • MAGICKAL TOOL: Knife/Athame.
  • SENSE: Sight.
  • NATURAL SYMBOLS: Flame, lava, a heated object.
  • TYPES OF MAGICK RULES: Candle, storm, time and star.
  • GODDESSES: Brigit, Pele, Vesta.
  • GODS: Agni, Hepaetus, Horus, Promtheus, Vulcan.


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