Binding Spells

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Spell Index => Spiritual Spells => Binding Spells

Binding spells are used to bind (or hold) things. The usual reason for this is to bind a person or spirit to prevent it from doing damage to yourself, someone else, or itself.

Care must be taken when binding spirits since they will almost always bind to the caster, and you must have a plan for it after it is bound. However, if you are skilled enough to cast a binding spell you will also be skilled enough to handle any bound spirits.

More Free Binding Spells

Resolving Unfair Treatment
Soul door
Taming Familiar
The Binding of Azazel
When You Feel Threatened
''As Long As I Live'' Fear
A Simple Binding Ritual
Anger Revenge Spell
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Binding of the old love
Binding Spell
Binding Spell
Cat and Own Bond Spell
Commitment Spell
Elemental Shield
Evil Eye Binding
Fused Oil
Get Rid of Unwanted Guests
Mirror Binding
Parent kindness potion
Sheilding your Book of Shadows
Spell Bind
Spell of Binding
Spiteful Binding Spell
Summoning of Dead Souls
Think of Me
Undo Spell
Mermory loss in latin
1825 English Love Spell
A Prayer For House Blessing
Alleviate Ones Heart's Desire
Anger Binding Spell
Ask Them Out, Stay With Them
Astral Binding
Banish Bad Luck
Banishing A Person
Begone Now
Bind Lovers Together
Binding a Demon or Spirrit
Binding by fear
Binding of doing Harm
Binding Spell
Binding Spell
Binding Spell No.2
Bless A Tree
Branch of Sin
Bring life
Candle blessing
Come back spell
Complete Banishing ritual
Connect with an Element
Darkness and Revultion Spell
Demonic Fusion
Down To The World of HAte
Everlasting Bloody ring bond
Feeling like someone Else
Forever and Ever
Freeze out
Full Moon Protection
General Charge for Spell
Get the Love You Want
Go Into A Doll's Body Spell
Hex to Chaos
How to Orbit
Ice Binding
Incubus SexFriend
Latin Necromancy Spell
Love Binding Spell
Love Eternus
Love Spell
Mending Spell of Heckingson
Minor Binding Spell
Mute Silence Spell.
Of me you will think.
Psi Energy Finale
Return to Sender
Runic Attuning
Sanguis Circle
Shadow Magic
ShUt Up .
Simple Bind Spell
Soul Binding
Soul Trap
Spell Binding
Spell to Bind a Person
Strengthening Spell
Suppress Memories
Switch Body Spell
The Binding Spell
The Lemon Curse Spell
The Three Spell
To get Rid of Someone
Tracking spell
Unbinding Spell
Warning spell (Latin)
Werewolf spell Ancient Sorcery
''Bind'' Skill
An Introduction Spell
Attraction Spell
Banish Bad Energy
Be a Love Magnet
Binding A Witch's Magic
Binding Spell 101
Bound your Circle
Charm to bind an Enemy
Cord Banishing Spell
Dark Interprise
Dream spell
Elemental chain Binding
Energy from the Universe Spell
Eternal Binding
Forever Binding Spell
Full Moon Candle Charge
Hecate's Binding
Increase magic power
Love Binding Potion
Love me spell
Magic Herbs
Mute spell
Object Binding
Peaceful Meditation
Portion Spell
Protect a friend
Sealing and Protection
Seven Circle Summoning Spell
Skyclad Spell
Spirit Bind
The Circle Binding Ceremony
The Spell of Revelation
Thorny-Rose Charm
To Bind (My version)
To Feel Nature
To my side.
Trading Places
Trap a Spirit
Veil of Shadows
Wedding Candles
Witches Hand Shake
Elemental Binding/Obsession Spell
Make Two Enemies Love Eachother
Shamanic Spell/Ritual of Protection
Spell to Bind Someone Dangerous
To Bind Someone From Doing Harm To You.
To Stop someone from Doing Harm
Unbinding/Removing ANY Binding
Binding the 4th horseman of the Apocalypse
Conjuration of the First Gate's Guardian
Empower your wand! (Black Magic)
How to bind someone in friendship
Spell to Bind the Lover of Your Desire(Evil love spells)
Spiteful Binging Spell by Twistedpig
To make Someone Think Of You Nonstop
''Another Binding of the Sorcerers''
3 Quick Spells to Bind Someone From Harming You (WolfWitch)
Bind an Ungrateful Lovers Sex Drive
Binding someone from doing harm to others
Daily Ritual To Ease Depression
Immortality spell (only for vampires)
Safe White Magic Spell for Problems from People.
Spell to Heal Your Friend Broken Heart
The Binding, and Banishing, of over-powered eldritch monstrosities
magic black cord binding spell
mind searching
spell to bind evil
a god spell
spell to bind bullies
binding for general use
binding someone annoying
death by ice
how to make an imp friend
lunar magick spell
new home blessing
simple binding
stay away binding spell
to bind anger
to make a berry dissapear
ultimate love spell
witche light
blocking spell
rid fears
the wand
water spell
spell to get what you want and hrut who you want
*~::I M P R I N T I N G::~*
Seal of protection
Soul Harnessing and Binding
The 13th Night Binding Spell
Trap A Spirit
Wizards Potion
A Binding Spell
Already Lovers Spell
Becoming One with the Shadows
Binding a Familiar
Binding Spell
Binding Spell
Break up Candle Spell
Chant of Banishing
Cut of tongue
Earth Energy Linking Spell
Energy Binding
Fire Binding Spell
Get rid of an enemy
How To Bind Someone To You
Lacrymosa spell
Monthly Spell Binder
Runic Love Spell
Snake Familiar Spell
Spell Binder
Spirit guide
Succubus SexFriend
The Perfect Companion
To Freeze Someone
Voodoo love doll
Spell Bind
A Potion to Bind Powers
A Tracking spell
Angel Spell
Apparition binding spell
Astral Binding
Awakening Your Spirit
Banish Someone You Hate
Be a Witch
Bind a Person
Bind The Evil
Binding a person
Binding Doll
Binding Spell
Binding Spell
Binding Spell
Binding spell of witches
Blood Star (Promise Spell)
Bound in Ice
Break Illuminati's curse
Calling of Dark art Offense
Classical Resurrect
Communicate w/ animals
Connect thoughts
Control The 7 Seas
Demon favor
Djinn from Lilith
Elemental blood bind
Evil to good conversion
Find someone's element
Forribiden Spell
Frozen in Time
Full Moon Spell for Secrets
Get a water tiger companion
Get your lover
Hecate's Promise
How To Make a Wand
How to Set Up an Altar
Incapacitation Ash
Infinte Love
Love Azula
Love Binding Spell
Love Spell
Mana Potion
Mind of frog
Mood Transfiguration Spell.
Nightmare Illusion
Patron Charm
Protect Your True Love
Relaxation Spell
Rumor Eraser Chant
Sachiko Forever After(risky!)
Secrecy Spell
Shape Shifters Killing Spell
Sick by Orange
Sleep Spell
Soul Prison
Spell Bind (Blood)
Spell to Bind a Person
SplIt your soul
Stun Spell
Summoning Jinn
Sweet Kitty Spell
Teleport to Any Place
The Bitter Sweet Curse
The Posiedon Effect
The Vortex of Magdalene.
to Trap your enemies
Traversal of the Dead gates
Vampire Chant Jasmyn0987
Werewolf Spell
Yule ritual
Amanus Omnipotentia
Arrow love spell
Banishing Spell to Stop Harm
Bind a person away from you
Binding Spell
Blood Control
Change Eye Color Spell
Charm to Bind Enemy
Create a Godform Spell
Demonic Runes
Duality Charm
Enchant a laser pen
Energy Potion Spell
Finding Your Element
Full Moon Candle Charge
Harleen's Apple Binding spell
Immortality spell
Linking Spell
Love Binding Spell
Mirror Banishing
My quick Banishing Spell
Onyx encasement spell
Plagued dreams
Prayer to St. Anthony
Rid one of thys siblings
Sealing using a pendulum
Simple Candle Binding Spell
Someone Special: Garlic Charm
Tears of Vengence
The Rose Spell
The Time Loop Curse
Three Times Three Spell
To Bond with an Object
To help find your soul mate
Together forever
Transmutate Vitae
Unbreakable Shell Spell
Very Powerful Blood Curse
White Werewolf Spell
Breaking the Hold Someone has Over You
How to Tell if a Wand Will ''Obey You''
Repel Spite, Gossip or Psychic Attack
Sorrow to happiness for five hours
Spell to Rid yourself of a Bothersome Spirit
To Rid Yourself of an- Unwanted- Admirer
Trap someone in a mirror (Latin)
To bind a mortal from doing harm
black arts DEATH WISH CURSE: dawn_101
Disable a machine spell - GIRL LEADER NECESSARY
Enchanting your book of shadows
Opening of the ''First Gate of Madness''
Spell to separate a witch from her powers
The in through the outdoor spell
vampire spell works i got it from my demon freindAKA(lucifer)and yes i talk to him
''The Binding of the Evil Sorcerers''
Banishing a Negative Spirit (powerful)
Binding a harmful person mirror and salt spell
Binding yourself to another soul
How To Connect To Your Familiar/Pet
Misfortune Jar Spell For Those Who Have Caused You Pain (Physical or Emotional)
Spell to get knowledge absorption
Spiteful Binding Spell by (CorpseAngel.)
element pact
magick book blessing
sirens voice
zeus binding spell
school spell
banishing spell
binding of lovers (for all)
comic book adventures
genral binding spell
love slave spell
necromancers fury
possession spell
soul transfer spell
to become a satonist.
to break a bond
tree spirit spell
white magic binding spell
binding spell
gift of natre
silence spell
trap a ghost spell
zogrist spell
instant straitjacket bound spell


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