The Circle Binding Ceremony

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • -Bonfire
  • -Members of the Circle
  • -Full concentration of each Circle member
  • -Must be placed around the bonfire in a circle formation
  • -One Circle member must be saying the incantation clearly with no disruption (lots of concentration must be performed by the reader!)
  • -A quiet and isolated environment
  • -The incantation must be read out of your Book of Shadows

WARNING: This isn't a full on spell! This is incantation for Binding your circle. When a Circle is bound, each of the Circle members powers are linked so more than one witch from the Circle would have to be focusing on the spell at hand for it to take action. A binding ceremony is a powerful ritual that is able to bind the magic of a witch, to their coven, by suppressing their individual power.

Casting Instructions for 'The Circle Binding Ceremony'

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When everything is set up and perfected, you may proceed in reciting the incantation.

Incantation: Fire, Earth, Metal, Air, Water and Blood. By these elements, we bind the circle, and follow in the steps of our ancestors; who pledged themselves to fight against the forces of darkness. When evil assails us, when fear weakens us, when descent threatens us, in the circle we will find our power. We come to this place alone, but leave bound as one. With this oath, our journey begins together. Do you accept the circle?
All: I accept.

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