The Lemon Curse Spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • (one lemon
  • (black candle
  • (9 nails
  • (cursing oil
  • (black bowl
  • (picture of the person---to be cursed

this spell can be very dangerous the person you curse can suffer badly...

Casting Instructions for 'The Lemon Curse Spell'

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Have a candle lit using only a match, slit down the lemon down in the middle so that it forms to equal halve; on the surface of one of the lemon you place the picture of the person you wish to curse. Then focus on the flame of the candle and your anger at that person will begin to rise; poke the needles on to the surface of the lemon one by one. when you have reached the last and final nail; place the lemon in the black bowl and pour cursing oil over the lemon squeeze the remaining half of the lemon over the oil and poke the last nail on the person's picture. setup an alter wait for the lemon to rot. with each day passing, the curse will begin to work. when you feel the person ha reformed or suffered enough you may dispose the lemon by throwing it in the sea or river.

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