Very Powerful Blood Curse

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 Dark red candle
  • 1 black candle
  • a few drops of your blood (fresh)
  • full of rage
  • string (black ,red or black)
  • ____

This curse was made by me it can be used only when someone has provoked you or caused you. (Rage ,pain, and there actions affect you) message me if this worked for you

Casting Instructions for 'Very Powerful Blood Curse'

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There are 2 parts to this curse but before you go cursing people i would recommend that you have a photo of that person and a sacred place (your room closet, drawer e.t.c)

Part 1=
Light the red and black candles and place the red one to your front left and the black to your front right, take your piece of string and let your anger and pain consume your mind (remember all the bad thing the person had done to you and their negative actions)

Then Tie the first knot for RAGE(still holding the string inbetween the black and red candles look at the photo of the person then Chant:

" I tie this knot with the rage inside of me provoked by (victims name)With this knot of rage i ask of the gods and godesses of the sky please make this person see and feel what She/he has done to me i will it"

Then tie the second knot -resembling the Pain caused (think of the pain the victim caused you)

"I tie the second knot with the inner pain i feel because of (victims name) I wish for this person to feel the pain she/he caused me and others so i ask of thy witches of power help the pain (victims name) caused and manifests to go straight back to her/him i will it"

imagine all the things She/he put you through happen to them.

then tie the third knot for their actions

"I tie the third knot with the rememberance of being a victim to (victims name) actions. His/her actions and negative ways shall bounce back when sent, I bind (victims name) negative words to herself/himself with the power of my rage i will it , i manifest it so mote it be"

Tie the fourth knot to join the knots in a circle
" i tie the fourth knot with the will of revenge, make this wicked person regret her/his negative ways, So that He/she knows that what comes around goes around, He/she shall feel the unbearable negativity go round and round with this knot i bind (victims name) to this curse with my negative energy mote it be"

if u still feel hatred then take small and sharp and cut you finger and let a few drops of your blood sink into the string.
place the knoted circle inbetween the red and black candle (let the candles melt) when the candles have melted and gone out the curse is complete. you must purify yourself and the place you did this curse straight afterwards.

keep the knoted circle in a place where no one will be able to touch it, everytime you see the knoted circle hold your midle finger just above it and imagine dark energy flow into the knoted circle.

when you see the person send negative energy to their third eye (inbetweeen there eyes)
if u forgive them and you think they suffered enough you can untie the strings (wash your blood out of it) you must purfy it before you bin it.

BLessed be!
message me if this worked for you


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