Elemental Shield

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Concentration

This spells is supposed to use your strongest element to protect you. It may not stop injuries from occuring but it will give off less pain but also protects you from weak curses.

Casting Instructions for 'Elemental Shield'

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1 you have to think of what element your closest to. Like me i would choose fire. Or my friend she would chose ice.
2 next you put your hands into the psy ball position and when you do this stare into the middle of it.
3 close your eyes but keep you eyes in the middle of your hands. If its working you should see a glowing white orb infront of you.
4 now start to slowly stretch the ball. Pull it and stretch as if it were taffy. The. You say
"For my shield of protection i choose (your element) " when you do this you dont have to say it aloud you can say it in your head.
5 for the last part when you think the ball is big enough lift both of your hands above your head still holding the ball and stretch it over your head down to your feet. When you reach your feet you clap your hands together to close off the little shield you put on your self.

I hope this works for you and dont get scared if your sight starts acting weird because thats what happens when it works on your first try. Like me i used fire and i could see everything brighter. But with my friend...well hers was kinda funny in a way she couldnt stop seeing blue for an hour. Because thats how long the spell lasts. Well again i hope this works for you and that you can epirement with it and change it to make it stronger or whatever. So ya have a nice day.


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