Peaceful Meditation

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Yourself
  • A quiet room
  • Darkness (before you sleep if you want to)
  • Anyone else who you want to meditate with you.

Basically, it's how to meditate and make yourself peaceful.

Casting Instructions for 'Peaceful Meditation'

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Make yourself comfortable. Then close your eyes and think about a sad time. Then imagine yourself grabbing it and throwing it away. Replace it with a calm or happy time. Then imagine your are either on a beach, sat by the ocean, or in a wood, with grass, tickling your toes. Now, imagine it so hard you can feel the sun beating down on your face. If you are in a wood, then imagine a cool wind brushing by. Listen to the waves in the ocean or the trees swaying, leaves rustling. Smell the sandy, salty smell of the ocean, or smell the natural, wildlife smell of the woods.
If you have done this meditation correctly, then you will actually feel the water lapping at your feet and the sand too, or you will actually feel the grass on your feet!
It has worked definitely, no joke for me. I do it when I'm tired or angry or just feeling unsettled.

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