An elemental protection.

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A staff or wand, whichever is more comfortable for you.
  • A place where air water earth and fire are preasent. ( fire May be made by a candle but a campfire is preferable)
  • A time when both the Sun and Moon are in the sky.

This is a complicated spell and should not be attempted by beginners. This spell calls on the elements to clense and protect you.

Casting Instructions for 'An elemental protection.'

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Draw a circle in the Earth with the campfire in the middle. Holding the staff or wand in your dominant hand repeat these words:

Sun that in the sky shines bright
I call apon tour guiding light
cleanse my mind and fill my (staff/wand)
Purge my body,and my soul.

Moon that shines the suns bright light
and fills the sky in darkes night
Cleanse my mind and fill my (staff/wand)
Purge my body and my soul.

Air that all around me breathes
And stirs apon the strongest trees
cleanse my mind and fill my (staff/wand)
Purge my body,and my soul.

Water on the ground you flow
And all around the earth you go
cleanse my mind and fill my (staff/wand)
Purge my body,and my soul.

Earth you stand beneath my feet
Solid and a simple seat
cleanse my mind and fill my (staff/wand)
Purge my body,and my soul.

Fire now your burning bright
A hunger that consumes the night
cleanse my mind and fill my (staff/wand)
Purge my body,and my soul.

You should now be feeling all the elements in you. Now that you have all the elemental energy in you repeat this chant 3 times:

Fire water Earth and air inside me now you rest,
Sun and moon you rest Within you give me all your best,
All that now Within Me lies,
I bind you now with mental ties
To guard my mind my body whole
Shield my heart protect my soul.

If you have done everything right you should feel the energy rush around you and a protective sphere. This spell is very powerful and only someone with more power than you can get past it. If you are a beginner you should substitute the staff / wand for a crystal or stone as the amount of energy needed for this particular spell will burn you at best or kill you at worst. Depending on the type of Crystal or stone you wish to use you may have to Envision the energy being moved from your body into the stone / Crystal.


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