Spell Bind (Blood)

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Athame

This will help you bind any spell after finishing it.

Casting Instructions for 'Spell Bind (Blood)'

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This spell is pretty simple, all it requires is a little blood.

After you succesfully cast a spell imagine the effect in its strongest points. While imagining this Prick your finger (you can use another area if the finger is uncomfortable for you) then smear the blood down the blade, as you bring the blood down, you are locking it and securing the spell more and more. When you reach the base of the blade you have succesfully locked the spell. Resite aloud: With this blade I bind (whatever your spell is called or the effect of your spell) permanent to (whomever the spell is addressed to).

For example: With this blade I bind the effect of my awakening and my awareness of my psychic abilities.

When you want to remove the effect, you'll do the same thing in reverse order.

Prick your finger and run it from the base of the blade to the tip of the blade. When you reach the tip of the blade, say aloud: With this blade I remove (the spell) from (whomever the spell is addressed).

ex. With this blade I remove my awakening and my awareness of my psychic abilities.

You should always change a spell up a little bit to adjust your needs. IF you prefer to say another word in place of blade, always do so. Everyone is different, no spell is made perfect for everybody.


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