Onyx encasement spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • An onyx (stone or jewlery doesn't matter)
  • A spirit in your presents
  • Coconut oil
  • Faith

This is a spell that's for summoning a spirit of your choise, preferably one you know, and incasing it in an onyx stom/gem. CAUTION: This is not a forced spell, the spirit has the right to object. Also, choose carefully on which spirit you want to encase. Choosing a demon for this your first time is not recomended.

Casting Instructions for 'Onyx encasement spell'

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1. Charge your onyx with coconut oil for protection and purification.
2. Locate the spirit you wish to encase. (You can do this by Black Mirror, Pendulum, or going to they're grave or place where they parted.)
3. Once you've contacted the spirit you wanted, hold out the onyx infront of you to show the spirit your goal.
4. Say, "Spirit that has passed on, I ask for your agreement in this offer of onyx encasement."
5. The spirit will either accept or decline. If they decline, do not push further and say. "Thank you for your valued time." If they accept your offer then say, "Thank you for accepting in my offer, now with the blessing of the Maiden, Mother, and Crone I bound you to the power of the onyx."
5. The spirit will then be incased in the onyx and you are free to take it with you and use the energy that the spirit provides. (Be aware that the spirit can manifest itself whenever as long as it is close to the onyx it is bound to.)
6. Have fun, and be careful! Blessed be!

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