Enchanting Spells

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These spells should not be confused with the enchantment spells. Where enchantment spells enchant items, enchanting spells are weak love spells, designed to make others enchanted with you.

Most these spells have a short shelf life, lasting only a few days if not strengthened by recasting them over and over again, however, there are rarely any consequences from mis-casting these spells.

More Free Enchanting Spells

Sleep in Peace!
Spinica Cloaking
String Spell
The Orchestra's Curse
To Forget about an Ex-lover
Trap A Spirit
Willow Spells
Blessing Water
Code of the Woodland Warrior
Have a siren's voice
Healing Water-holed Stones
Love Spell
Protection Item spell
Sanctifying of the Moon
Storm Spell
The power spell
Unity charm
*Serena's Song*
A Calming Chant
A new mermaid spell
A-Spell- for the Garden
Acoda's Easy Lighting Spell
Altar Blessing
Angel Guardian
Animal transformation
Another Werewolf Spell
Attract Good Luck Charm
Aura bow
Aztec Temple Enchantmant
Basic Door Protection
Beauty Spell
Become a Fairy
Become A Nymph
Become a witch.
Become an Elf or Rivendale
Besom Blessing
Better jester spell
Black Opal Charm
Bless a Magical Pen
Blessed pen
Book Dream
Bound your Circle
Call Upon a Vampire
Candle Colors
Canine Communication Spell
Chakra refresh
Change your eye color
Charge a crystal
Charge a Wand
Charm a Protective Necklace
Charm A Ring
Charm of the 2nd Realm
Charming an item for Good Luck
Christmas Spirit Spell
Cleansing the Aura
Closer to Your Pet
Coin Charm
Conjure Shadows
Control Wind
Courage Enchantment
Create a Form of Life
Crystal Enchant
Curse of the red claws
Dark Crystal Lightning
Dark Sight
Dedicating Tools
Destroy the World Spell
Disperse Negative Emotion
Don't Touch
Draw Your Crush To You
Drawing spirits
Dream a dream
Eden's Enchanting Love
Emotion Potion
Enchant an Item
Enchant and protect an item
Enchanted Shadow
Energy Fuse
Energy Tea
Fae Dream charm
Faery Sugar
Far Away Hearing Spell
Fire element
Fire in Water
Flame Repel
Flower petals
Footwash for Money
FUN day spell
Give spirits power
Good Mood
Halloween Spell
Heal a Heart of Hatred
Hekate spell
Holy Dagger
Home Blessing Candle Spell
How to get to be telepathy
How To Make A Spell
How to Make a Toy Come to Life
How to make a Wand/Staff
How to Write a Spell
Ice powers
Immortal Bow
Intense Version of Yourself
Invoke Your Muse
Jewelry Enchantment
Language Learning spell
Latin love charm IMPROVED
Light Charging/Merging
Love Cards
Love Potion
Love Spell
Magical Writing
Magick Mirror Spell
Make a Moon Ring
Make a wand
Make luck charm
Make something happen
Make youre Own Magic SpellBook
Making a Charm
Mermaid Potion
Mermaid Spell
Mermaid Spell
Mermaid spell 3
Mermaid Spell- Works
Mermaid/Merman Potion
Mirror spirit
Moonlight Summoning
Musical Love Spell
Night Vision
Peaceful Sleep
Pet powers
Poetic spell of Inspiration
Potion for Beautiful Hair
Power of Magick
Power Stone Enchant
Power/emotion shifting spell.
Protection Charm
Protection Stone
Psychic Stimulation Tea
Quick Energy Muster
Real mermaid spell
Remove a Curse Spell
Reuniting Reflections Spell
Ring of Fear
Rune Enchantment/Blessing
Sage Cleansing Ritual
Scorcer's Enchantment
Seal Emotions in Items
Sigil Magick
Sirens Song
Sleep Spell
Snow Moon Spell
Speed Spell
Spell of the gods
Summon a Faerie
Summoning a Dark fairy
Surprise Spell
The anifornum
The Easy Spell
The Heart of the Matter Spell
The Oak leaf Fairy Spell
Third Eye Ritual
Three stones of equal power
To Become A Mermaid
To Bless a Familiar
To Encahntment an item
To Find the Truth
To hold Evil Harmless
To make someone your slave
To Stop an Argument
Tree Growing Spell
Truth spell
Uniorn Healing Spell
Vampire Charm
Vampire Spell
Very Strong Love Spell
Walk through
Water Blessed by the Eight
Water Protection Spell
Water Spell
Winx Believix!
Wish Spell
Wolf Night Eye
~Enchant Many~
~Siren Call~
Consecrate and Charge a Amulet or Talisman
Enchant Herbs and Candles for success
Mermaid Spell Works like a charm
Powers of Love, Make Him/Her Return
Spell to Restore Peace to an Unhappy Home
The Spell of the Shell (Wish Spell)
Amulet-spell for the unfading beauty
Meditation Help And Useful Tools
To bind a mortal from doing harm
A Spell for Artists and Craftsmen
Binding yourself to another soul
create a Fairy to make the world greener
Dragon Creation from egg to end
Everlasting Immortality spell no.3
Free as a bird spell(bird morph)
How to become a vampire(step by step)
How to make a rosé live longer
Immortality and element control ring spell
Invisibility and Un-View Notice Toggle
Love spell that works only for girls
Make your own draconian inner stone!
Portkey or Object to Portal Spell
Recipe-Mistress of the House Powder
Spell to make someone you’ve drawn on paper 3D
To Bless Oneself/His or Her Haters with Love
To get Annoying Brothers or Sisters to Shut Up
Using The Right Incense For Spells
protection spell
aquarius oil
awaken the magic in you
become a storm bearer
bless an object
circle casting and stuff
control an element
create a spellbook
destroy evil shaddow spell
drawing energy
enchantment spell for anything
fire breather
graceful spell
healing someones soul
how to make holy water
light spell
love spell simple
magic goblin trap
magical prayer
make a wand spell
mirror beauty
money tree
necromancers fury
opening a circle
powerful money spell;kundrum
siren spell 1 by lunamage
the modified body swap spell
water spell
create a familier (good or bad)
the phiscally change your body spell
turn candle fire off with your hands
Spell for love in New Moon.
Stone Animation
The Onion Of Love Spell
Tie an object for you
To Slow Down a Situation
White Candle Blessing Spell
Blessing A Gift
Charge a Crystal Ball.
Charm Spell
Enchant Object
Healing and Protection
How to make a wand
Nature's Hand (Earth Mage)
Popstar Spell
Protective Necklace Charm
Soul Release
Summon Spirits Spell
To find a Lost Object
Magical creature potion
A Baby Blessing
A Folk Love Spell
A Vampire Spell
A-Statement of Intent
Activating a Wish
Air Ball Spell
Alchemical Decagram
Amulet Of Magic
Angel Protection
Animation Spells
Astral Projection
Attracting a New Friend
Awaken something Hidden Inside
Bad Luck to Enemies
Basic Esbat Information
Beauty Spell
Become a mermaid
Become a vampire!!
Become a Wizard
Become Magical
Better Attitude Spell
Black opal charm
Black Wish
Bless A Pen
Blessing Charm
Book of Shadows Blessing
Bracelet of the Xul
Calling your future self Spell
Candle Magick
Cause and Elemental Fire
Change Eye Color
Change your Hair Color
Charge a Crystal Pyramid
Charge an Item
Charm a Protective Necklace
Charm for Inner Strength
Charm of the Oak
Charming an Object
Cloak of Ages
Cloud Magic
Compromise Spell.
Consecrate an Amulet
Contact a Spirit
Cotton Balls of wishes
Create a Crush
Create A Lucky Charm
Dancing spell
Dark Protection Spell
Dark Sky
Destroy a Crush
Diary Lock
Don't get a Strike Spell
Draw Down The Moon
Drawing Down the Moon Ritual
Drawing the Moon Ritual
Dream Control Spell
Element Invoking
Enchant a Person
Enchant an Object
Enchanted Power Ring
Enchanting a Cauldron
Energy Gain
Enhance Magical Ability
Faerie spell
Faery Sight Oil
Familiar Spell
Fast tree climb
Fire Enchanting
Five-Knot Elemental Blessing
Flower Petal Love Charm
Food Spell
Full Moon Blessing Water
Garment Spell for Fidelity
Good Grades
Good singing voice
Hearts and Flowers
Holy White Magic Person
How to Be a Fairy
How to grow a unicorn horn
How to make a staff
How To Make A Wand!!
How to Make Your Own Wand
I'm all ears
Imbue a candle with magic
In Power an Object
Invocation of the Elements:
Jar Love Spell
Jewelry Enchantment
Kissing Spell
Large are ward
Laws of Magic (CorpseAngel.)
Lilth Seduction Spell
Love passed from the godesses
Love Potion Spell
Magic Candles
Magick Improving Ritual
Magick Potion Incantation
Make a wand
Make Him Love Me
Make Someone Respnsible
Make Your Own Wand
Make Yourself Irresitible
Making a Poppet
Mermaid and Merman Spell
Mermaid spell
Mermaid Spell
Mermaid spell 2
Mermaid Spell 3
Mermaid transformation
Mind Link Spell.
Moonlight Kiss Love Charm
More powerful than spells
Mute Silence Spell.
Ocean amulet enchantment
Penny for luck
Pink Rose Love Potion
PokEmon Pets
Power Enchantment
Power of the Elements
Power Switching Spell
Powerful Protection Chant
Protection potion
Psychic Herb Jar
Purification Spell
Raising the Power
Red Rose Love Spell
Return Love
Rewind Spell
Ring of Protection
Sacred Blade
Saraswati Mantra
Scrying Mirror
Shadows Take Me
Simple Sleeping Spell
Skittles Potion
Smart Spell
Soul Charm
Spell Catcher
Spell To Lose 20 Pounds
Summon The Dead
Summoning a spirit
Sweet Jar Candle Spell
Television Magick
The basics about spellcasting
The four leaf clover spell
The Mental
The Spell of Callmness
Third Eye Spell
Tiki Sumoning
To Bind A Love To You
To control the element, Fire
To Feel Nature
To Help Make a Decision
To Know the Child Within
To Soften a Heart
Trap-a-Spirtit Charm
True Colors Spell
Turn Into a Mermaid
Vampire spell
Vampire Spell
Walk Silently
Warriors blessing
Water element
Water Snake
Wedding Candles
Wish Charm- Manifestation.
Witches Handshake.
Yin and Yang
~Midnight Sight~
Blue Quartz, cleansing/enchanting spell
Dark Side: Conceration of an Amulet. (CorpseAngel.)
Find The Answer On A Test (Multiple Choice)
Pendulum( To find a lost object)
Protect A Loved One - Enchantment
The Best mermaid spell in the world
~Simple Spell to Balance the elements within you~
Bring someone back into your life
Replace Your Eyes with Any Creatures
A Simple Dowsing Pendulum By:Vulpix
Become good at Singing (potion)
Conjuring the strong blowing winds
Destiny Behold: an invocation of the witch spell by Shadow Star
Enchant a object with good magick
Finding and Naming your Familiar
Get absent lover 2 call,write, email
How to become a werewolf( step by step)
I Want To Be A Vampire, So Mote It Be
Immortality spell (only for vampires)
Light Side: Conceration of an Amulet
Magic Spell to get someone to call you
Plant Blessing Or Growth Enhancer
Protecting Yourself and Others.
Spell to become a mermaid when you touch water
Spell to Speed Up the Growth Rate of a Plant
To get a spirit animal/gaurdian-FIRST SPELL
Transform Into a Pokèmon Spell
~(o)~Black Love Spell For Teens~(o)~
sirens voice
angel spell
aura blade
awaken your inner magic
better musical voice
blessing an unborn baby
control wind
deflect dark magic
doll of protection
enchanted rock
eye color changing spell
give me wind
hade an object
helper necklace
levito marble
magic fog
magic water
make a spell
makeing potions
money pagan chant
nature's hand
one true love
potion making :
school spell
the animal ear spell
to be more happy
bring all spirits under your attention.
make a tv character come out of the tv spell
to appear in a whit room with nothing in the whit room


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