Immortality and element control ring spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 Black Onyx Ring
  • 1 knife
  • 5 candles red,black,white,blue, green
  • 1oz Dragons blood soap
  • The will to shed blood

This spells will give you immortality and the ability to control the elements.caution this spells can hurt people if you use the abilities for bad intent.p.s.:this spell uses blood to bind the ring to you this is known as blood magic.

Casting Instructions for 'Immortality and element control ring spell'

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Step one:Draw a pentagram on the floor or a big sheet of card board

Step two:
Place the five candles on the points of the pentagram and light
them one at a time and say: Gods and Goddesses i call upon you to protect me until my task is done,protect me from harm hear my call so mote it be.

Step three:
Place the ring in the middle of the pentagram sit there for a mintue or two.visualize what age you want to remain and you never get sick or die from anytinhg in this mortal realm.visualize what elements you want to control when wearing the ring.

Step four:
Pick up the knife and cut your hand or anywhere you are comfortable with.then visualize what you want from the life essence of the blood to into enchant into the ring.

Then say this chant while you drip the blood on the ring.
Gods and goddesses with this blood sacrfice i enchant this ring with the powers of immortality to never age or get sick or die and the ability to control all the elements of the mortal realm.i shall not be harmed by anytingin this mortal realm,if i lose this ring and another person wears it make the ring suck out the life of the person and add the years into this ring and return the ring back to me magically and add the life the was stored into the ring and make me look younger so mote it be and make it be powerful too.

Step five:
Let the ring sit with the blood on it until the closing of the circle is complete . now that the spells is complete to close the circle
Say: Gods and Goddeses thank you for protecting me from harm during the spell you may go back to the realm you came from bless it be.say this while you blow out the candles.

Step six:
Clean your wound and bandage it up, the clean the ring with dragons blood soap. and put on the ring to charge it with your energy to seal the binding of the ring to your soul and body.


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