Safe and Sturdy enchantment

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Piece of jewelry (necklace preferably)
  • Strength and Star tarot cards
  • 1 black candle
  • OPTIONAL* any gemstones you associate with protection such as Blue Onyx, Hematite, etc.

This spell enchants a piece of jewelry to protect you against those that wish to harm you or cause you ill-intent.

Casting Instructions for 'Safe and Sturdy enchantment'

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Do any pre-spell rituals you may have.

Set up the supplies in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Just make sure that the black candle is in the center, and that your piece of jewelry is around/in front of it.

Light the candles

Meditate on what your intent is, whether it is to protect against a certain person, to protect against accidents in general, or whatever your purpose may be. Dwell on it.

Visualize the black candle radiating protective waves, while the Strength tarot card radiates powerful energies and the Star card gives hope. You can also visualize for any gemstones you incorporate.

Use your wand, staff, or dominant hand to direct these energies into your piece of jewelry as you say:

"I charge this *jewelry name* with the job of protecting me. I fill it with strength, to keep me going. I fill it with hope, to maintain my happiness. And I fill it with protection, to keep me safe. With this intention, I charge you!" *Note: You can add in any aspects you fill the jewelry with if you add any ingredients such as gemstones*

Use your wand/staff/dominant hand to project your own energy and intent into the jewelry, sealing it all within. Then snuff out the candles.

Voila! You can now wear your jewelry like armor.


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