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Waning Gibbous Moon
Waning Gibbous
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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • You
  • Your Voice
  • A single white wax candle (Scentless)
  • A secluded spot
  • A cup of blood from another magical being
  • A magical or enchanted knife made from a pure metal
  • Wooden matches
  • An (Optional) Sun ring
  • Planned food source

Be warned. This works. It's irreversible. The effects are PERMANENT. I've tried this on myself.

Casting Instructions for 'Vampire'

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For this you must be confident in your own abilities. If not, the spell will fail and possibly backfire. The effects of this spell are completely permanent and everlasting. Do not take this lightly. If you do do this spell, you cannot show even the slightest bit of fear or pain. It wont work if you do. You have to give yourself happily to Satan.

Now, you need to go to a completely secluded spot. A spot away from all worldly distractions. This place should be a place of nature. A field or forest. I find this spell works best in a forest. It should be dead silent except for the sounds made by the creatures of nature. Immense concentration is a must. This is best done at night. Two nights away from a full moon. This spell will be done three times. Once two nights before full moon, again the night before a full moon, and finally on the night of the full moon.

There you will place the wax candle in front of you. Light it carefully with the match. As the flame illuminates the natural world around you close your eyes and clear your mind. Concentrate on what you are about to become. Focus on the monster inside.

Once your eyes open take the knife and place it on the underside of your wrist. Make one long horizontal cut across your flesh until blood pours from the wound. Try and make the cut as deep as you can without killing yourself. Caution: You may die here.

As the blood flows take the bloody knife and burn the tip before placing the hot blade on your open wound. Don't make a single sound of pain. Once this is done take your open wrist and place it over the flame of the candle so the flame licks at your blood coming from the wound. As the flame burns your blood say this:

"Satan hear my plea. Free me from my mortal bonds. Take my soul and set me free. I want to run with the night. The moon rises as I succumb to my true nature. Please! Give me unrest!"

After you are done with the chant take the cup of blood from another magical being and drink it. You must drink every drop.

After this part was done I passed out. When I awoke, I had little recollection of what happened after I drunk the blood. At first I thought it didn't work. As time went on I noticed a certain discomfort in full sunlight and I began to eat actual food less and less. I found that I was always thirsty, though when I drunk water my thirst was never quenched. It wasn't until I had blood that I knew it had worked.

I now live with a person whom I owe my life to. She is my Donor. She gives me her blood whenever I need it. She willingly lets me take her own essence to sustain my own life. There have been times where I have almost killed her. When I went to far and took to much. Still, she always stands beside me. No matter what. I owe her everything.


The knife you use must be a pure metal. Whether it be pure iron or silver, it just must be pure. It cannot have any other mixed components in it. It helps if there is a symbol of Satan carved into the hilt.

If you still wish to walk in the daylight after this ceremony, you can enchant a certain stone with the very essence of the sun. When wearing that stone you may be able to walk in the daylight. I made my stone before I did the ritual so I could still be somewhat normal despite my true nature. I only did so as a fail safe but I'm glad I took the precaution. There is not a ring I never take off. If you all should wish, I will also post the ritual on how to create such a ring.

In this ritual you are selling your soul to Satan. An act which can never be reversed. Once you give yourself up to him it is impossible to get your soul back. Get used to the night.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a Donor like I am. Please, plan out a food source before the ritual is performed.

I will add anything else I think of later. Right now I believe this is it. Please, be absolutely sure you want to commit to this before you do it. It's a life-long thing. Those who have trouble with commitment; Get off the page now before you do something stupid.


This article was contributed by EllisTaylor

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