To Find a Lost Object

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A length of thread or string

This prayer or formula is often used to have a lost object returned. In it you seek the help of St Anthony of Padua, a Catholic saint of the twelfth century. The incantation is now considered to be a folk remedy. In this spell at the same time you ‘pull’ your object back towards you.

Casting Instructions for 'To Find a Lost Object'

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First try to remember when you last saw the object. See it quite clearly in your minds eye. Imagine tying your thread or string to the objectGo through the motions of pulling it towards you.

Repeat these words three times: Somethings lost and cant be found. Please, St. Anthony, look around. You will often get a sense of where the object is. Conversely you may come across it unexpectedly.

Dont forget to thank St. Anthony for interceding on your behalf The words used are found in similar forms all over the world demonstrating clearly the link between folk customs and the church.

You should not need to use this spell too often if you learn to keep important articles in safe places; then when you do need St Anthonys help it is easily available.

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