Yin and Yang

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Voice
  • 5 candles (preferably white, as long as their not red.
  • A thing you hate. (can be a picture) optional
  • A thing you love (can be a picture) optional
  • Good mindset and meditation skills.

This spell divides any creature into their best and worst side.
Note: it is impossible to seperate them physically. The eye color will change. Blue signifies the good, red signifies the bad.

Casting Instructions for 'Yin and Yang'

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   =>Yin and Yang
Take the five candles and spread them out around you in the form of a pentagon.
To seperate yourself...
Sit in the middle. If you have the items, place them in front of you and recite this 3x.

To divide, I wish. To seperate I will. I ask of thee to seperate me. To the control I place in good. To the harm of others I will never perform. To the yin and yang that live inside, I call for them to come alive!

To seperate other alive things.
Sit in the middle of the pentagon and concentrate on what you want to seperate. Chant 5x.

I call for a soul split, a fracture if you will. Let their balance come undone. Save the good, seperate the evil. May good rule and evil fall. Take my words and heed my call, for on the eve, it's time to unconnect. May ______ be in 2!

IMPORTANT NOTE!!!! In order to reverse the spell, both yin and yang must say "I was wrong. With him/her I belong. Forevermore and beyond, I call for our sides to recombine." The evil might not always want to rejoin, so be careful.


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