Bracelet of the Xul

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • a bracelet
  • (optional) a candle of any color

Allows you to imbue a bracelet with powerful cosmic energy granted by A xul named Dasurion.

Casting Instructions for 'Bracelet of the Xul'

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A xul is like a god but more powerful and living among everyone in different human forms, so like gods of the human race. The Xul Dasurion is a Xul of power, beauty, love, manipulation, and desire. To imbue a bracelet with the power of Dasurion means that that object will pull you're arm towards what you desire like a compass. It will also make your desires more attainable and protect you.

To cast this spell hold the bracelet in ur hand and will energy into it while focusing on the bracelet and picturing Dasurions power flowing into it. and Chant 8 times "powerful Xul enchant this item" (lighthing a candle and holding it over it will improve the energy)

You should notice after a minute or so the bracelet will tingle when you touch it, and the more you chant it while focusing the more powerful it should be. And the more u remember its power the more you will feel it pull u toward your desires.

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