Attract Good Luck Charm

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Waning Crescent Moon
Waning Crescent
20% Full
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Gold Sand (Lodestone food is fine)
  • 1 Yellow candle
  • 1 Red candle
  • 1 Blue candle
  • 1 Green candle
  • 1 White candle
  • Small Charm you wish to empower
  • A piece of parchment/paper and pencil
  • teaspoon

This is a spell designed to summon the power that we define as 'luck' and allow it to manifest within a small object we select.

Casting Instructions for 'Attract Good Luck Charm'

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Start out by drawing a pentacle upon the parchment, the size of a small plate is enough.

Place a candle at each point in this order from the top point in a clockwise direction; white - blue - red - green - yellow.

Using the teaspoon, cover the drawn lines of the circle with the golden sand. So the candle cover the points, the sand covers the outline of the circle and the interconnecting lines that form the star are clear.

During a full or waxing moon, get comfortable and light the candles.
Place the charm in the centre of the pentacle.
Relax and summon positive feelings and emotions, all things you love and good experiences.

now close your eyes and visualise a white light pouring from the heavens, attracted by the sand and candles.

Chant softly and visualise the energy pouring into the charm;

"Powers of the universe I summon thee
Grant good fortune unto me

Bring the power to change my fate
Strengthen that which is innate"

Continue with the visualisation of the energy until you believe the charm is full.


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