Teacher scalded by family over witchcraft claims - The Standard

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Feb 23, 2021
This is just horrific. Why isn't more being done about the modern-day witch hunt in Africa? There is so much misinformation about witchcraft there, it's as if we're back in 1690. Student has bad grades? Teacher must be a witch. Someone has a disability? Witch. Child not obeying you? Clearly, they've made a pact with the devil, burn them! It's heartbreaking to see/hear these stories and yet nobody is talking about it. A man was accused of witchcraft, changed jobs to escape the persecution, only to be tracked down, kidnapped, and set on fire. This has to stop. The article doesn't even say if he's a witch or not [but I'm going to say it's because he has a disability] but regardless, this is inhumane and needs to be stopped. There has to be a global push to stop this since the countries these keep occuing in seem to turn a blind eye.

Feb 23, 2021
This is so horrible like why is it any of her business one and two like mind ur own business