Hoodoo Is a Spiritual Practice with Its Own History - Yahoo Lifestyle

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Sep 29, 2020

Sep 30, 2020
I am so glad to finally see this practice clearly outlined and explained. This was a lovely and informative read

Oct 03, 2020
The statements: ''...it should only be practiced by Black people...'' ''...it should only be practiced by Black people...'', and ''...some of the names that first come up in a Google search for “Hoodoo” are those of white people who are often accused of cultural appropriation and are not trusted by the community'' are absolute bs. Hoodoo is NOT exclusive to the black community. It has influences from NOT just African slaves, but Scots, Irish, German, and Jewish immigrants, and Native Americans. It is a wonderful mix of all of their systems brought from their homelands to America. Many/most of those 'white people' who you are accusing of 'cultural appropriation' were born in the areas where they practice or brought their system from and learned it from their parents & grandparents and so on...and they are a LOT older than you. They've been living & teaching hoodoo longer than you've been on this earth, they and don't have and ounce of the arrogant ignorance you show in your bigoted article. Hoodoo is Christian faith-based, something I see lacking the mention of in your article. Sorry, deary, you're not all that and a bag of chips. In fact, get that ridiculous chip off your shoulder. You might actually learn something. When you think you know everything, you, in fact, know nothing...time to go back to school.