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Name: Lycan/Maisie
Birthday: Nov 30 2002
Location: East Coast USA
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They/them -- I am not a woman and I am not a man, please respect my boundaries with the language you use to refer to me.

Hi, I'm returning to this site from 2011 when I was first getting interested in magic, ironically with Harry Potter and "physical transformation spells". Two names are in my nickname because I use either of them depending on my gender that day, ultimately I respond to both, but it's always very kind to ask me which one I'm using first. You can also always call me Vubby, which is derived from my soul's/higher self's name, Vbnorsr.

It's hard to say how long I've been practicing, what with a lifelong interest in spirituality and magic, not to mention being raised by another witch tends to blur things; I remember my mom saging the house after something major and negative happened, giving tarot readings to my friends and I at sleepovers, and even cursing our shared abuser. (To not ignore that I just said that, I am curse positive, as it applies to victims of awful crimes taking the power back from those who harmed them. I don't think it's right to handle something so serious impulsively and if you must teach your loud neighbor a lesson then jinx him or something.)

I work mainly in divination (pendulums, tarot, and experience with dice casting in the past) and energy work (purification and candles and crystals and such) and my grimoire is mostly full of sigils I've made over the years. I make sigils on the spot to try to solve problems myself or my friends are having, and my magnum opus is perhaps an old anti-curse sigil that someone has claimed had immediate and astounding results.

I live near an adorable little witch shop and I try to buy all of my stuff from there if I can as I find it more convenient than buying online. I track the moon cycles and am trying to get into the habit of a full moon ritual involving desert sage, tarot, crystal purification and salt baths.

Sun - Sagittarius | Moon - Libra | Rising - Aries | Dominant - Air/Libra (Grand Air Trine)
Indigo aura currently also experiencing some purple-ness.
I am the most obvious Capricorn Chiron you will ever find. :)

I'm a moderator at a small up-and-coming witch server on Discord. The server is only for members of the LGBTQ+ community and anyone age 13+ can join. Experienced, curious, and everything in-between, witches of all paths and creeds are welcome, given that they are willing to respect the identities and practices of our other members. Please note that this server is not associated or affiliated with SoM or its online shop and we have a different set of rules. There are currently just three members but we are looking to turn this into a thriving community of positive energy, companionship & information sharing. Interested? Copy this link into your browser to join now!

Now, I do have my fair experience with certain things; I did allude here, after all, to practically having done this my whole life. I would be very happy to answer questions, or provide simple readings. I am disabled, I struggle to do daily life things like shower, stay awake and eat, and I do not have the energy every day to do large spreads.

Things you can ask me about
-Crystals, and their care & keeping
-Candles (Out of what is listed here, this is what I know the least, but I can give you some suggestions on what candles amplify certain crystals best)
-Sigils (I can also give you old sigils from my grimoire especially if you also want to assist me in charging them further, simply tell me what you need and I may be able to either give you an existing one, or make one custom, depending on my energy level that day!)
-The Western/Greek Zodiac

Readings I am usually capable of doing
-Pendulum (yes/no, numbers, or words/names, since I am able to utilize various boards)
-Single-draw tarot (My deck is called Wildwood, I do differentiate between reverse/shadow and upright in my readings, and yes this just does mean I can give you one card. This is best for quick questions and advice from the beyond, if you require a larger spread, I think people usually charge money for that)

Please be understanding if I refuse to read or, more likely, ask for the reading to be given at a later date. My daily life involves trying to muster the energy to perform basic chores and self care, and I spend most of some days asleep. Again, please be respectful of my boundaries and priorities. This does not mean I don't take you or your question seriously, as this is something I hold great passion for; simply that, at any given time, it may not be possible for me. I refuse to perform romance-related readings for anyone older than me. I am 17. I think it would be creepy for you to involve me in your love life.