Druid who refuses to pay for Stonehenge parking sues police after missing solstice - The Scottish Sun

A DRUID who refuses to pay to park at Stonehenge is suing the police after missing the solstice.

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Jun 24, 2020
I understand it is a holy space for Pagans and especially Druids, but really? Fifteen pounds does sound ridiculous for parking. If that is the only way Stonehenge makes money, who am I to judge? Not permitted to park on the road, I am curious if there is a by-law preventing him from parking. All of this leads me to my final point, Stonehenge is equivalent to going to a cathedral on a holy day. With the pandemic, most places of worship are online, as was the sunrise at Stonehenge. My wife and I watched it on Litha in our living room here in Canada. The Gods will not mind if you skip going to the structure just this once. If anything, King Arthur Pendragon, arguing with the cops instead of going elsewhere caused you to miss the sunrise. Casting your own circle, and celebrating the sunrise elsewhere would have been beneficial. Final point, why is it always the extremes in the Pagan community that do this? I understand they sell papers, but how can we be taken seriously when you named yourself after Arthur, king of the Britains? I know Pendragon is a popular name, but ''King Arthur the Druid was turned away from Stonehenge'' is the type of article that bad talk-show hosts live for.