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Q&A Lets talk Magic

Youtube Channel: Akasha Wolf
In this video I will answer all you questions you guys asked from the last FAQs comments.
This a long video so here are questions and times you may skip to:
Do you see spirits at night in bed? If so do you get scared? 02:59
Do you know how to create a realm? Do you have one? 05:21
Do you use a wand in you spell work? If so how do you use it? 08:21
What are you currently studying and practicing? 06:27
Can I enter a fairy realm? If so how do I? 09:24
What can you do if you having trouble with visualizing? 10:44
How are you able to see auras/energy? What is it like? Is there a way for me to see energy? 12:34
What is an Incubus and Succubus? 15:56
Did you charm/enchant that necklace you wear in every video? What's the spell? 18:54
Is there a spell to get someone to love you? 21:43
What is you take on Ouija Boards? 22:33
Is there a spell to help you learn a language faster? 27:51
What happens when you steal items for a spell? 28:57
What are the risks of casting a love spell on someone with a mental illness? 30:56
What kinds of stones, oils, herbs, etc. should we always have on hand? 33:47
What religion are you? Do you have to have certain religion to practicing this? 36:29
How would I go about finding out my natural power/ability if I have one? 39:49




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