Video: altar tool the wand in brief

altar tool the wand in brief

Author: thedarkmoonmidnight

Many pagans and witches find wands useful for focusing energy in spells and rituals. On an altar, this tool represents air. Although you can buy wands from New Age shops made from wood and crystals, making your own is a very personal magical experience that will make your workings more powerful.\r
1Take a walk in a natural place. Keep your eyes open for a stick or branch that has been laying on the ground and that is no shorter than 13 inches. Let it jump out at you, and follow your intuition. This stick should be appealing to you, as it could be a tool that you use for many years. If you feel drawn to a particular tree, connect with its energy and bless and thank the tree for what you're about to take from it, before removing any small branches.\r
2Scrape off the bark with a sharp blade or a wood burner.\r
3Carve down to your desired shape and style.\r
4Use charring to change the appearance or to amplify carvings.\r
5Personalize your wand with things yourself. It's YOUR wand pick exactly what you want. You can use feathers, crystals,runes and stones for the internal. Also adding any cords, metal wire, or symbol that is meaningful to decorate the external of the wand. Go with anything that comes to mind. Make it whatever you see it to be.

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