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Hi. My name is Phyllis Currot and I'm a Wiccan Priestess. And the question is what happens during a Wiccan initiation? I can't tell you. A Wiccan initiation is a profound spiritual transformation. It is a classic indigenous technique that enables you to leave behind the false self of the past, the enculturated self, the parentally determined self to divest yourself of that and, as the word suggests, initiation, beginning. It initiates the next part of your life, the part in which you seek your authentic self, your true self, the reason that you are here, the gifts that you have to bring, both in a practical way, with your talents, passions, your interests, but your bliss, as Campbell [SP] said, is ultimately a sacred path, a sacred undertaking.

So an initiation begins the next part of your journey which is the pursuit of your purpose, your reason for being here. But I cannot tell you the specifics of a Wiccan initiation because if I did I would ruin it for you. The fact is that if you're interested in learning about the content of a Wiccan initiation it's everywhere now. It wasn't, so much, but even when I was initiated, more than 30 years ago, I could have read about it before hand if I had wanted to. But I chose not to because part of the impact of the experience is the revelation of the mystery.

It's not an intellectual encounter. It's not something that you can read about and understand. You have to experience it. And the shock, the surprise, is an integral part of the discovery, and I didn't want to spoil it for myself. I didn't want to know because I wouldn't actual know and I would simply have removed the elements of trust and mystery, and it's all about encountering the mystery.

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