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How to Become a Wiccan High Priestess | Wicca

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Hi, my name is Phillis Curot, and I'm a Wiccan Priestess. Actually, a Wiccan high priestess, but I prefer not to use that. That vernacular, that term. It tends to be a Gardenarian [SP] , or an Alexandrian, or British traditional term. And they will also frequently use the term lady or lord before the craft name that you've taken, if you want to take a craft name. I'm not mad about hierarchical titles. But to be a high priest, or a high priestess, is somebody who is usually responsible for assisting others in their spiritual journey. First and foremost. That is what a high priest or high priestess is. It normally takes at least three years of training, of study, of hard work, of devotion, dedication. And ultimately, I think you don't become a high priest or high priestess until you undertake to teach other people. Because really, that is always what a priest or high priestess is. A teacher. And it's not until you've taught others that you've fully learned about the mystery yourself. The mystery is always transforming and changing. So there's always more to learn.

And probably the most important thing about being a high priest or a high priestess, aside from understanding your responsibility to help other people discover their capacities, their powers, their gifts, which is your primary role, is to continue to seek. I think it's far more important for a high priest or high priestess to continue asking questions. Than to always be offering the answers. You can share the answers you've found in response to the questions that you've taken, and the journey you've made in pursuit of the answers. But ultimately each person is going to have to do that. So I think in the end, the best thing you can hope to be as a high priest or a high priestess is an inspiration. And you are that by living what it is you hope other people will do as well. Which is your commitment to the sacred, your commitment to others, your commitment to the earth, and to understanding its wisdom and sharing it. Yeah.

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