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Meena Mukta (fish pearls): Brown white colored stones formed within fishes. Gives uncountable wealth and blessings of gods. Cabot, a stone in a particular fish, possessed the power of foretelling weather, being clear and shiny when the skies were favorable, and cloudy when portending storms. Fish pearl – This fish pearl is like the eye of fish but big in size. This is a highly sacred Bezoar, which purifies kilometers of area where it is present. it destroy Vastu doshas and gives blessings of lord Varuna. Fish symbolizes Meena Ketana (lord Kamdev the great wish fulfiller). So it is gratifies all your desires and gives emancipation at the end of life as spices is the symbol of emancipation. It also confers great prosperity as the symbol of Maha Laxmi, the wealth god of Hindu.

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