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My 4 Simple Magick Spells

Youtube Channel: My Pagan Life
Merry Meet everyone!

I hope you are all doing magnificent today! I have been doing a lot of videos about Wicca and Paganism.
But I have realized that this Channel is also about Witchcraft...

So today's video is all about that! Here you have some of my very simple spells - Enjoy!

(Also; Happy Beltane! ;D)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Spells in the video:
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Wrap thee in cotton,
Bind thee with love,
Protection from pain,
Surrounds like a glove,
Brightest of blessings,
Surrounding thee this night,
For thou art cared for,
Healing thoughts sent in flight

Protect with light that is pure,
Protect through day and night,
Protect from harm,
Protect from negative energy,
This shield cannot be broken,
So mote it be

Good Luck:
From here on out,
Till the end of this day,
May good luck come my way (X3)
(So mote it be)

Merry Meet and
Merry Part,
Give my hope a place to start.
May my mind be at ease,
With thoughts like a stream,
And my peace be reflected in my dreams

The GOOD LUCK and DREAM spell are completely original. The others are

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